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Season Ticket Sales -


Purchase of 10 tickets for $180 is the best price for patrons wanting to see great theaatre at the best possible prices.  

10 pack ticket prices  $180

Re-opening News -






To our patrons and friends:

The Govenor has suspended the requirement for masking and other safety precautions for fully vacinated patrons which have been in place at the theatre since we re-opened in September. Please let us know how we can make your visit to First Avenue Playhouse any more comfortable and enjoyable. As always we deeply appreciate your patronage and your support!


At the First Avenue Playhouse
123 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, NJ




Call Playhouse at 732-291-7552 

for info or directions



 First Avenue Playhouse is looking for directors to submit plays for consideration.  Directors interested in First Avenue Playhouse should contact the theatre via email (use the contact form below).  They should be prepared to submit their scripts for consideration along with a sketch of the set to be submitted along with how they plan on staging the production keeping in mind the requirements and limitations of our stage.  

If you have never directed at the Playhouse please submit your resume.  

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