Would you like to raise up to $1000 in a single Fund Raising event ?

Live Entertainment!

The best of Broadway Comedies, Light Dramas & Musicals !!

Coffee, Soda, Fancy Desserts !!!

Rave Reviews from area newspaper critics:

Asbury Park Press ------------"Outstanding Shows"
TheCourier-------------------------"Quality Performance"
Two RiverTimes------------------"Superb Directing"

First Avenue Playhouse is able to offer your organization the opportunity to raise almost $1000 in one evening of outstanding entertainment.

Enjoy fine desserts, coffee, soft drinks and a Broadway style show while raising needed funds for your organization.

As a community theatre (non-profit 501-c3) we are able to offer this extraordinary opportunity to your group.

By selling tickets to one of our performances at our regular ticket price of $30, your organization will retain $7. The amount received by you is determined by the number of tickets sold.  The potential for fundraising profits are endless!

The Playhouse produces new shows each and every month with scheduled performances on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday evenings as well as a Sunday matinee.

No deposit is required on ticket sales - Payment is due the evening of the show.

The First Avenue Playhouse continues to be a major fundraiser for numerous organizations.

See our schedule of current and upcoming productions for details.


To make reservations or request further information, please contact us today.


Contact Joe Bagnole, Exec. Dir.

First Avenue Playhouse

(732) 291-7552


or email info@firstavenueplayhouse.com


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