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At First Avenue Playhouse this month -


   " Under the Yum-Yum Tree "




Lawrence Roman.






Dave McGrath






February 2018 :


Fridays & Saturdays 




Sunday matinee on Feb. 18th



Howard Taubman writes:"Hogan is the landlord who occupies the apartment next door. He rents the cozy diggings in which the story takes place to women who generally require some sort of solacing. 

As the play begins Irene Wilson, a divorcee and the latest recipient of Hogan's tender consolations, is vacating the flat on Telegraph Hill It does not take Hogan long to make the discovery that the newcomer is gorgeous. 

He uses means that seem natural to him. He listens with an ear to the door of his apartment. He peeks through the keyhole.. It does not take Hogan long to find out that Robin has a problem. 

She is in love with a clean-cut, upstanding young lawyer named Dave Manning, and he is in love with her. 

She thinks that before marrying they ought to test their compatibility by sharing the apartment for a few weeks—platonically, that is. But the sport ends blamelessly. Nothing happens to Robin without benefit of clergy."




Curtain goes up at 8:30 evenings, 2:30 for Sunday Matinees
Reservations are required and can be made by calling the Playhouse
at 732-291-7552

General admission includes the show, dessert, coffee and tea with ice water and soft drinks offered at intermission.




General Admission - $25.00
Seniors - $20.00
With your Entertainment coupon --  
First ticket $25 & 2nd ticket $10


General Admission - $25.00

Entertainment Book
promotions cannot be used for Saturday performances


General Admission - $25.00
Seniors - $20.00
With your Entertainment coupon
First ticket $25 & 2nd ticket $10



All seats are held with a credit card.  Cancellations must be made by calling the box office no later than 10 a.m. the morning of the performance otherwise your credit card may be charged.


Season Subscription Tickets
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Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates are available for $25.00 per person to see the show or give a night out with our Dinner Package Gift Certificate for $45 for the Harborside Inn and $40 for The Kings Arms.
Entertainment Book coupons cannot be used to buy Gift Certificates
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