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The First Avenue Playhouse, 123 First Ave. Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey is one of the oldest continuously running community theatres in Monmouth County. Located in downtown Atlantic Highlands, The First Avenue Playhouse is a dessert theatre that is preparing to celebrate it's 30th anniversary of providing a variety of live theatre choices such as comedies or musicals as well as original productions by local playwrights. 




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Directed by  Leslie Hochman

 Directed by Bethany Miranda

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 Cast members of "The Big Five-Oh" gather around George's birthday cake in this month's comedy  in TheatreWatch© .  

From TripAdvisor (5.0 based on 70+ reviews)

TripAdvisor reviews of  First Avenue Playhouse 
“The Philadelphia Story - Once again, First Ave Playhouse beautifully presents a classic! Drop everything and go see it!”
The theater puts on a great comedy show month after month. From Broadway scripts to those by local play wrights, the shows are sure to please. Having seen some of the original scripts on Broadway, I can say that the cast here often does a better job than their counterparts on the Great White Way.


The current play,  The Philadelphia Story, was well-done and had the audience laughing almost from the opening curtain. 

Visited August 2017


The theater maybe small and quaint but time and time again they produce first rate shows. 'The Philadelphia Story',

takes you back in time to the Main Line of Philadelphia and the Lord family. The large cast is filled with great talent

. Lilyanne White as the precocious child of Alexandra Lord steals the show. If you close your eyes, you'd swear it was

Katherine Hepburn on stage. That's how well Mary Lawrence plays the part of Tracy Lord.

All the members of the cast are terrific. This is "A don't miss" performance!


My friends and I really love this venue and we have enjoyed several plays at the First Avenue Playhouse and we all agreed that this one was one of the very best.

An interview with a true 'behind the scenes' icon.   in TheatreWatch©

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