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The First Avenue Playhouse will hold auditions for the 
Production of





by Norm Foster

Directed by Barry Prag


Production in July 2018 

Audition will be on Monday May 14 &

 Tuesday May 15 at 7:00 pm 

at the  First Avenue Playhouse


Needed are 4 Men aged 30 thru 60 




Characher breakdowns & Synopsis



  • Donnie-earnest man deeply in love with his family who can’t play golf 


    Rick-a hustler currently selling boats in Florida, ruthless and charismatic 


    Ted-stick-in-the-mud until he’s had a few beers , starting at 700am 


    Cameron- TV ad salesman prone to anxiety, worries that the group has 

    lost its closeness



Can you go back to where you were 25 years ago? 

This comedy about Four old college chums, home for their fifteen year reunion, is set on the tees of the Windemere Golf and Country Club and begins with Ted cracking open a beer at 7 a.m. – he drinks five on the front nine. 

Each character comes with flaws that are revealed during a game of golf.

Rick, the central character, is described as a blowhard cheat and self-styled stud who’s gone to Florida to get involved with some get-rich-quick schemes. Donnie is a family man who talks incessantly about his wife and kids, but feels he’s missed out on a lot of action in life. Cameron is insecure, troubled over his sex life, or lack thereof, and his waning occupation as a television advertising salesman.  

While the old pals get caught up on each other’s life and reminisce about the past, audiences will realize there’s something greater happening beneath the surface, and it’s uncertain whether their friendship will stay on the fairway, or land in the rough.







Call Playhouse at 732-291-7552 

for info or directions



 First Avenue Playhouse is looking for directors to submit plays for consideration.  Directors interested in First Avenue Playhouse should contact the theatre via email (use the contact form below).  They should be prepared to submit their scripts for consideration along with a sketch of the set to be submitted along with how they plan on staging the production keeping in mind the requirements and limitations of our stage.  

If you have never directed at the Playhouse please submit your resume.  

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