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"All My Raisins In The Son"

also know as female version of

 "Teacher's Lounge"

Production in April 2017  

Audition to be held on 

Thursday February 16

7-9 pm 

at  First Avenue Playhouse

Needed are 4 woman and 2 Men

between ages of 25 and 60


Story Line :

It’s September once again at Lincoln High School and Nora O’Reilley is determined not to be  defeated by disillusionment.

That’s no easy task in the English Department’s  teachers lounge, occupied by a motley staff of  burnout  teachers and connivers. 

Then walks in Victoria Turner who has been hired as the new English teacher to replace Susan Wagner who, to the utter disbelief of other teachers ,

has been elevated to Assistant Principal. This show will have you rolling your eyes and laughing as you think back on your own tenures in and out of the classroom.



Call Playhouse at 732-291-7552 

for info or directions



Perry Award winner, Eric Hackler, wins Best Writer & Director of an original play for 'I, Suspect' at the NJACT Perry Awards held on Sunday Sept. 19. 



 First Avenue Playhouse is looking for directors to submit plays for consideration.  Directors interested in First Avenue Playhouse should contact the theatre via email (use the contact form below).  They should be prepared to submit their scripts for consideration along with a sketch of the set to be submitted along with how they plan on staging the production keeping in mind the requirements and limitations of our stage.  

If you have never directed at the Playhouse please submit your resume.  

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