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The First Avenue Playhouse will hold auditions for the 
Production of




The Old People Are Revolting

by Devon Williamson

Directed by Barry Prag


Production in April 2018 

Audition will be on Thursday Feb. 15   

at 7:30 pm 

at the  First Avenue Playhouse


Needed are 2 Men aged 60+ 

 4 Women aged 60+

1 woman aged 20's to late 30's


Senior citizens are a feisty lot these days, from Red Hat ladies to white water rafters. They don't just stay home and knit or make hobby horses for the grandkids the way people imagine they used to. When the city council decides to end its rates rebate for the elderly, the pen-pushers in town hall have no idea what anarchy they are about to unleash at the village. Led by bolshy former trade union firebrand, Shirley, and the ebullient Howie, the residents hit on the idea of ceding from the rest of the country under the United Nations Charter.  New Zealand playwright Devon Williamson envisions a world in which retirement communities and assisted living homes are populated by the real-world professionals and Sixties activists that have been around for many years and who haven't changed in spirit, only in age - and who know when it's time to throw a good protest.




(2m, 5f)

  • Patricia - a resident, has an air of education and sophistication about her that is unmatched by the other residents
  • Howie - a resident, former car salesman, a little crass and on the lookout for some fun
  • Shirley - a resident, suffers from the effects of drugs and wild living of the 1960's, quick tempered, dramatic and erratic
  • Peggy - a resident, a kind, gentle and insightful woman, who is never separated from her latest cross-stitch project
  • Doug - a resident, recently and reluctantly retired from his farm after his wife passed away
  • Elizabeth - a resident, sufferers from dementia, only able to remain living independently with the help of the other residents
  • Ashley Hardwick - a reporter for a local TV station, self serving, condescending, eventually gets to like the residents




Call Playhouse at 732-291-7552 

for info or directions



 First Avenue Playhouse is looking for directors to submit plays for consideration.  Directors interested in First Avenue Playhouse should contact the theatre via email (use the contact form below).  They should be prepared to submit their scripts for consideration along with a sketch of the set to be submitted along with how they plan on staging the production keeping in mind the requirements and limitations of our stage.  

If you have never directed at the Playhouse please submit your resume.  

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