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Auditions for

Grandma's Getting Married

written by Dennis Driscoll


directed by Todd Aiken

Are being held at the Playhouse March 28th at 7:00 pm

Needed are:

  • Hope: Claire's youngest daughter
  • John: Hope's fiancee (baseball coach) 40's
  • Faith: Claire's oldest daughter (a mom / naturally mother instincts) 40's / 50's
  • Hope and Faith are complete opposite (they drive the show) 
  • Charity: Claire's granddaughter (HS student)  typical high school girl) late teens early 20's
  • Lou: Claire's neighbor very annoying... doesn't take a hint) 
  • Paul: Faith's husband (a policeman)  40's / 50's if there is a straight man in this farce it's Paul
  • Toad: The rock star. (Combine every 80's classic rocker you get toad...but it's all an act
  • Donny: Charity's boyfriend (awkward teen) late teens early 20's
  • Claire: Grandma (but a hip adventurousness grandmother) late 50's 60's
  • Malcolm: The surprise guest (late 50's 60's)

Production in May



At the First Avenue Playhouse
123 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Call 732-291-7552 for information, or directions.
Call playhouse if date is not available for you








Call Playhouse at 732-291-7552 

for info or directions



 First Avenue Playhouse is looking for directors to submit plays for consideration.  Directors interested in First Avenue Playhouse should contact the theatre via email (use the contact form below).  They should be prepared to submit their scripts for consideration along with a sketch of the set to be submitted along with how they plan on staging the production keeping in mind the requirements and limitations of our stage.  

If you have never directed at the Playhouse please submit your resume.  

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